A hobby gone wild.

We are a father daughter combination that decided to team up and take our hobby to the next level. We are not out to rule the the world, dominate the internet or put Hobby Lobby out of business. It tickles us that we can help people with their decorations or even some functional items.

This site is broken down into two major divisions. I handle the “Etched” portion of things. I have a small laser engraver. I can run many different things through it and make lots of different things. There are many functional things that can be etched or cut. Etching needs a little bit of explanation. More on that once you reach the Etched portion of the site.

Pressed is handled by my daughter. I have seen some of her pressings and I like them. Sometimes I will laser things for one of her projects and she will put the finishing touches on it. This keeps us working together to make nice things for you!

Throughout this site, we will refer to each other as Etcher and Presser. This helps us stay focused. That’s a laser pun.

Browse the site and prepare your order. We care more about how well you like what you receive than likes or shares on Facebook. We want you to be as happy with your purchase as we are thinking about how it looks hanging on your wall.

Enjoy your visit. Daniel Williams, Etcher in Chief

Next Steps…